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‘Pakistan must be assured that India has no intervention in Balochistan or Afghanistan’

  By JAVED MAHMOOD, RAZZAK ABRO and AHMED YUSUF KARACHI – Veteran Indian journalist Kuldip Nayar belongs to the generation who identified with John Lennon’s give peace a chance. Back in 1969, Lennon stayed in bed to protest the Vietnam War. But Nayar is more of a doer, travelling even at the age of 87 … Continue reading

Lawmakers into Sheeshah but not ‘Sheeshi’

KARACHI  RAZZAK ABRO The Sindh Assembly unanimously adopted a resolution on Tuesday, demanding a ban on Sheeshah, but, interestingly, ignored a suggestion from a female member for also banning wine. Sheeshah is an oriental tobacco pipe (hookah with flavoured tobacco) with a long flexible tube connected to a container where the smoke is cooled by … Continue reading

PRESS GALLERY: Flood destruction, no politics please!

By Razzak Abro KARACHI: Mostly it was politics on a purely humanitarian issue, the flood destruction in Sindh, by our politicians during a two-day discussion on flood losses. People sitting in the press and visitors galleries listened to political speeches, mostly from two sides, the opposition (opposition-cum-government), and the PPP benches. Opposition MPAs criticised the … Continue reading

As establishment surrounds PPP, Zardari props up opposition-free strategy

By Razzak Abro There is a general perception among commentators and analysts in Sindh that President Asif Ali Zardari has played his cards very well at key moments on every front since assuming power. The PPP’s alliance with the PML-Q – manufactured without even Prime Gilani’s knowledge, some claim – is another move to wipe … Continue reading