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Who will deliver for PML-N in Sindh?

KARACHI Friday, 19 Aug 2011 RAZZAK ABRO Supporters of the PML-N leader, Syed Ghous Ali Shah were protesting in different parts of the province against what they consider sidelining of the party’s senior most leader in Sindh. The party leadership had recently appointed him as one of the senior vice presidents at centre, making a … Continue reading

Rivals under one roof… thanks to US CG

  RAZZAK ABRO KARACHI  Perhaps out of sheer coincidence, leaders of different political parties, including fierce rivals, came together under one roof on Saturday evening – a very positive development for the people of Sindh, especially Karachi. The venue was the residence of US Consul General William Martin and the event an iftar dinner, where … Continue reading

Welcome Amanda……

Me and other journalists with Amanda Cauldwell, the Information Officer of the US Consulate, Karachi, on August 1, 2011.

So long Andie… welcome Amanda

Farewell ceremony held for outgoing information officer of US Consulate, Andie DeArment, Her successor, Amanda Cauldwell welcomed with love and good wishes. KARACHI RAZZAK ABRO The people of Sindh bid farewell to the outgoing information officer of the US Consulate in Karachi, Andie DeArment, and welcomed her successor, Amanda Cauldwell with love and good wishes … Continue reading