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Who will deliver for PML-N in Sindh?


Friday, 19 Aug 2011


Supporters of the PML-N leader, Syed Ghous Ali Shah were protesting in different parts of the province against what they consider sidelining of the party’s senior most leader in Sindh.

The party leadership had recently appointed him as one of the senior vice presidents at centre, making a clear decision that he would no more be among possible aspirants for slot of the provincial president.
Shah had already been made dysfunctional practically in the party since over a year, especially after dissolution of the provincial body and appointment of another party leader, Salim Zia as Chief Organizer of the Sindh. He has continuously served the provincial president of the party till start of the 2010.
His opponents inside the party believe that Shah could not deliver or perform for the party especially in terms of its organization in the Sindh, despite the party had projected his personality at high level. Shah had remained chief executive of the Sindh twice during his political career, besides enjoying offices of federal minister.
Supporters of Shah, however, said that nobody is senior to him in the party in the Sindh. Also, they added, nobody is more loyal to the party and its leadership than Shah. According to them Mian Nawaz Sharif himself left him alone behind the bars while proceeding for Saudi Arabia during Musharraf’s tenure.
His supporters admit that the PML-N has no considerable organization in the Sindh. However, they added, after returning from exile Shah had paid a detailed visit to the Sindh province in an attempt to re-organize the party. His opponents, however, say Shah’s visit to districts of the Sindh was held after the party’s decision to appoint Salim Zia as the chief organizer.
Shah’s critics say that he could have made active the party or re-organize it especially during present government’s tenure. According to them Shah could have taken advantage of the PPP government’s poor performance, its bad governance especially during last year’s flood, etc. But, they opined, Shah failed to do so for unknown reasons.
Ghous Ali Shah himself has strongly reacted against the party leadership’s decisions of appointing district and tahsil level office bearers in provinces from the centre. Recently he had alleged that the party wants to impose a non-Sindhi speaking president in the Sindh. He had also hinted of taking any decision about his political future, saying that if he was expelled from the party he will have other options.

Though the party has yet not appointed provincial president of the party, and Salim Zia and Mamnoon Hussain could be aspirants of the slot if Nawaz Sharif decides to appoint a “non-Sindhi” as president. Other Sindhi speaking leaders of the party, though, were not standing at side of Ghous Ali Shah during current party dispute in Sindh, but want appointment of any Sindhi speaking leader as the president. According to them appointment of Sindhi speaking leader will be necessary for the party if it want to do politics in Sindh. If the party leadership decides to choose any Sindhi speaking leader for the slot there will be names of Ismaeel Rahu, Illahi Bux Soomro, Imdad Chandio,s names as possible candidates.

Pakistan Today

Ghous elected Sindh PML-N president

The Nation

January 03, 2012


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